About Us

IMJ Imitation Jewellery is the newest venture of the Rathy Group. Rathy Group has been successful in the industry for over 20 years with immense respect and trust for its name. IMJ aims to bring its customers the highest quality imitation jewellery like no other. Our masterpiece jewelleries add confidence to the look that is desired for each occasion. We are located in Ealing Road- the heart of Wembley. 

Quality Assurance 

The products of IMJ are carefully manufactured to create outstanding quality of work. We are proud to announce that all our jewelleries are plated with 100mg gold / 500mg gold. The quality of our products not unbeatable as we do not compromise with the quality of our products.

At IMJ, we offer to buy back our products at the minimum of 20% of the sold price because we believe in the quality of our products.

How to care for IMJ Jewellery?

-          To be maintained inside a plastic cover or box while unused.

-          Chemicals and perfumes must be avoided.

If the products are maintained and stored well, the original condition of the products can be kept.